Rizzoli S90 – Combi

Rizzoli S90 – Combi – Wood Cook Stove

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The large combustion chamber covered in refractory material, the radiant plate in high thickness steel joined to the large lit oven recreate a warm atmosphere.

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Safety: (Pending)

The combined wood-burning kitchens are made with a wood-burning cooker of the S ranges combined with a gas cooker with 5 burners and electric oven. Upon request, the glass ceramic or induction hob is available. Combined with a Rizzoli hood for high-temperatures, make a one-of-a-kind cooking area. Many customizations and aesthetic variations available.


    • Certified combustion system Superflame®
    • Soft Closing Wood cushioned box
    • Steel Radiant Plate
    • Vent to the Outside
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Self-cleaning Double-Glazed Ceramic Glass Fire Door
    • Reversible fire door
    • Combustion chamber made of Certified refractory material
    • Starting air
    • Primary and Secondary Air Automatic Regulation
    • Pre-heated Secondary Air
    • Ignition with Bypass Key
    • Closing of vent to the outside
    • Insulated Handles
    • Wide Stainless Steel Oven
    • Quick-release oven door with double-glazed glass
    • Oven with Light and Thermometer
    • Oven with Steam-conditioning valves
    • Pyrolytic coated baking tray on Telescopic rails and Oven grill grid
    • Riser with Ventilation Holes
    • Natural thermal convection on the sides
    • Furniture for Built-in Appliances

Consisting of:

Technical data:

  • Width: 65 inch
  • Height: 33.46 inch
  • Depth: 23.6 inch
  • Weight: 782.6 lbs
  • Dimensions of the oven (WxHxD): 13.7 x 10.2 x 18.5 inch


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ML60, ML80


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